Hitachi presents the new airHome air conditioners


Hitachi Cooling & Heating has launched its new airHome smart air conditioners. These products are in class A++ for heating and in class A+++ (mod. airHome 600) or A++ (mod. airHome 400) for cooling. The appliances are equipped with Wi-Fi: the airCloud Home app guarantees connection with all mobile devices and air conditioning management also through voice control with Alexa and Google Home. Thanks to the app, with the Energy Cost Estimator function, it is possible to monitor consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, the Smart Geo Fence geolocation function connects the air conditioner to the smartphone by detecting the user’s presence within a given perimeter: in this way, the smartphone automatically regulates the switching on/off of the air conditioner and the temperature. In addition, the FrostWash technology allows for deep cleaning of the heat exchanger, neutralizing 91% of bacteria and 87% of molds that deposit inside the appliance. Other pluses of the product are: ViroSense Z1 (the purification filter that guarantees an effective removal of viruses), AQtiv-Ion (which eliminates pollutants present in the air with an ionization process) and the Mold Guard function which prevents the mold buildup. Finally, the automatic Power Safe function limits the electricity consumption of the air conditioner when other appliances are active, while, thanks to the Smart Eco sensor, after twenty minutes without detecting people in the room, the system reduces the power and switches to the energy saving mode.