LG aims to accelerate its advanced materials business


LG is bolstering its advanced materials business by utilizing an in-house developed antimicrobial glass powder and marine glass. The antimicrobial glass powder offers excellent hygiene benefits and possesses chemical and thermal stability, durability and resistance to discoloration. Besides, marine glass can help restore marine ecosystems. Both products are expected to secure growth opportunities for LG’s new advanced materials business. LG has been using its antimicrobial glass powder in several different home appliance lineups, including refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners, since 2022. Helping to make product usage more hygienic, the company’s antimicrobial glass powder is employed in the manufacturing of plastic parts – such as fridge and dishwasher handles – that come into frequent contact with human skin. LG’s glass powder offers anti-fungal and antibacterial properties when combined with various materials, such as plastics, fibers, paints and laminates.
Additionally, LG’s marine glass is based on the company’s own precise release technology for glass material. When dissolved in water, the marine glass transforms into inorganic ions, which contribute to the restoration of the marine ecosystem by fostering the growth of microalgae and algae in the ocean. Furthermore, LG’s marine glass is an alternative to the red clay used to help mitigate the ecological damage done by red tides, where harmful algal blooms cause the surface of the ocean to turn red. And because the glass material dissolves in water, it prevents secondary contamination of the marine environment. “LG is committed to expanding the scope of application for its glass powder beyond that of other glass materials – said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company –. We believe our advanced materials business can help lead the way to a sustainable future, becoming a new growth engine and a central component of LG’s ESG management portfolio”.