Davy: brushes and nozzles for wet vacuum cleaners with anti-corrosion thermoplastic material


Davy’s brushes and nozzles for wet vacuum cleaners are manufactured with thermoplastic material which makes them light and, at the same time, robust and immune to corrosion and aggression by chemical substances. “Moreover – the company highlights – the careful design of the suction chamber is essential, which, in addition to raising the performance level, ensures that the water sucked in does not condense but is completely removed, thus avoiding dripping and traces of damp when the machine is off. This performance optimization also makes it possible to dry the floors even in the presence of low-power motors, using brushes wider than those commonly found on the market (up to 400 mm)”. In the picture, the nozzle D13 Ap which is characterized by a length of 300 mm, diameters of 32 – 35 – 36 – 37 – 45 – 50 – 58 mm, and diameter of the flexible hose equal to 32 mm.