LG WashTower, space-saving solution with unified control panel


LG WashTower is an alternative to the traditional laundry column: instead of stacked washer and dryer, this solution features a 165 cm high single unit. This height allows for easy access to the dryer drum, and the unified control panel lets user manage both appliances comfortably. LG WashTower offers 12 kg of washing capacity and 10 kg of drying capacity. Thanks to the connectivity, the washing machine and the dryer communicate with each other to automatically set the optimal drying program based on the washing program. Furthermore, with the Prepare to Dry function, the two appliances align to match washing and drying times: before the wash is finished, the compressor of the dryer is activated to guarantee an optimal drying temperature, optimizing preheating times. As for technologies, the washing machine is equipped with LG AI DD technology (which uses Artificial Intelligence to manage washing based on the load), the TurboWash 360 function (a complete cycle in just 39 minutes) and steam washing. The dryer, on the other hand, is equipped with Dual Inverter Heat Pump technology (which uses hot air at low temperatures to dry fabrics without damaging them) and the Allergy Care function. Finally, the washing machine is in class A-10% and the dryer is in class A+++.