Trend Radar by Samsung: allied technology for a healthy lifestyle

Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

According to Samsung’s Trend Radar, realized in collaboration with Human Highway, Italians have substantially changed their habits in favor of a healthier and more sustainable food lifestyle: the percentage of those who declared they were more aware rose from 61% to 91%. Seniors (80%) are among the most sensitive to this issue, outnumbering Millennials (61%) and GenZ (52%). The survey, in particular, highlighted how much technology is an ally in this area. Specifically, Italians use devices or appliances to search for content related to food (91% of the sample), to follow a healthy lifestyle (90%) and to have a sustainable diet (88%). People are especially attentive to how they store food in the refrigerator to preserve it at its best (38%) and use appliances that help cook food in a healthy way (30%). Furthermore, 34% of those interviewed also consult video content to learn new recipes or to gather information on food (23%), while one respondent out of four states that they would like to have dedicated apps, capable of suggesting recipes based on their needs. Speaking about the household appliances, in the respondents’ dreams there is a refrigerator capable of signaling, even when they are away from home, which products are about to expire (72.3% of the sample) and which products the appliance contains (67.1% of the sample). As for the oven, 77% prefer to cook with this appliance because it is healthier and 63% prefer the steam cooking to maintain the nutritional properties of the food.