IFA 2023: LG ThinQ UP 2.0 for personalization and servitization


LG Electronics presents ThinQ UP 2.0, a smart home innovation that highlights the expansion of company’s home appliance business into non-hardware areas, including subscription services. Unlike traditional products with fixed features and specifications, appliances compatible with ThinQ UP continuously update their essential functions and offer features suited to each individual user. A significant advancement over existing ThinQ UP appliances, ThinQ UP 2.0 products work intelligently to reduce the time and hassle of household chores, adding new services with flexible subscription options while also recommending additional services to make daily life smoother. The home appliance personalization process begins even before the customers receive their products. For example, customers who purchase a ThinQ UP 2.0 washing machine will be asked to participate in a three-step “Life Pattern Analysis” survey, conducted through the LG ThinQ app. The company analyzes the survey results and applies optimized washing cycles matched to the customer’s preferences, ensuring a tailor-made user experience right from the start. What’s more, customers have the flexibility to adjust the order of cycles installed on their machines and can save their personal settings on the app. Similarly customizable, LG’s latest InstaView bottom freezer provides multiple options for maintaining the freshness of stored ingredients. Through the ThinQ app, users can apply precise temperature settings based on the types of food they have inside the fridge, and change the color of the LED lighting integrated into the InstaView door’s glass panel. On top of that, they can leave messages and reminders for family members or housemates on the bottom freezer’s LCD display. “Coming first to ThinQ UP 2.0 washers and dryers – the company adds – is an LG-developed on-device chip (called the DQ-C chip) and a brand-new operating system. The DQ-C chip has ample memory to support the addition of different types of content, enabling users to enjoy an array of tailored features and functions that can be easily managed via the appliances’ touch displays, or the ThinQ app”.
Besides, when buying an appliance from the ThinQ UP 2.0 lineup, customers can choose from a range of services that can reduce the burden of household chores and management. These include subscriptions and smart home services that aid and augment the performance of LG’s products, as well as laundry services for specialized clothing care and time-saving automated services for re-ordering detergent and fresh foods. LG’s appliance subscription service offers customers the freedom to sign up for a period ranging from three to six years in length, letting them choose the best option for their own individual circumstances. During the subscription period, the company provides monthly reports through the LG ThinQ app, suggesting personalized product recommendations based on the customer’s usage patterns and preferences.