Temperature probes and thermostats for household appliance, HVACR and professional markets



Established in 1981 near Milan, Control H.T.P. is an engineering company dedicated to industrial automation. We have more than 40 years of experience in designing electronic devices. That’s why we always offer innovative solutions to our Customers. High skills in both electronic and mechanical fields guarantee the design of our high quality and reliable products.
Control H.T.P. has been focusing in producing temperature probes and thermostats for household appliances and professional market. Over the years we developed a lot of products specifically designed for every domestic appliances and they still lead our turnover, like temperature probes and level sensors for washers, dryers and dishwashers and thermostats for refrigeration.

The Company addresses to different realities thanks to its internal structure and production which ranges from small and personalized batches to million of pieces batches. Our main Customers are the leading white goods’ manufacturers but thanks to our flexibility we can also supply small producers keeping the same quality and guaranteeing the same service.
Control H.T.P. offers to its Customers a dedicated design service, flexibility in the requests, modifications and delivery times and assistance at any level of production employing the most innovative technologies.
Our R&D Department designs and develops everything we produce, directly interfacing with the Customers to better understand their needs. Our products’ development goes through four main phases which are hardware and software design, prototyping, production and testing with automatic and certified systems.
Control H.T.P. has successfully been working in the fields of temperature probes and electronic devices, with the highest flexibility and the innovative attitude which has always characterized the Company since its foundation. Our main goal is to achieve the ever-increasing challenging targets to assure the continuous improvement of the Company.
Visit our website and contact us for any further information: www.control-htp.com