Alper: anti-freeze heating resistances for BPHE


Alper anti-freeze heating resistances are elements designed to prevent freezing inside BPHE (brazed plate heat exchangers). These heat exchangers are widely used in chillers for fluid cooling but can be susceptible to freezing under certain temperature conditions. “Freezing inside BPHE – the company says – can cause serious damage and interruptions in the operation of the chiller. When water or other fluids inside the BPHE freeze, they expand and can damage the brazed plates, compromising the efficiency and reliability of the entire system. Additionally, freezing can lead to obstructions in flow channels, reducing cooling efficiency and requiring costly repairs. Anti-freeze heating resistances are integrated into BPHE and are designed to generate sufficient heat to prevent fluid freezing inside the heat exchanger. The heat is directed only where needed, with minimal volume. Our resistances are, in fact, as thin as a foil of approximately 0.4mm. These products can be activated when temperatures drop below a certain freezing point, ensuring that the fluid remains liquid and the BPHE remains undamaged”.