New generation of Samsung Jet stick vacuum cleaners


The new generation of Samsung Jet stick vacuum cleaners includes products characterized by suction power and long life thanks also to washable filters, cyclones and tanks. The top of the range is BESPOKE Jet AI which, thanks to the Digital Inverter of the HexaJet motor, has a suction power of up to 280W. This model is equipped with artificial intelligence certified by UL Solutions: the AI Cleaning mode classifies the type of the floor and automatically adjusts the suction force; it is also able to reduce the battery usage.
BESPOKE Jet AI is lightweight and easy to handle with a 180° rotation (also lateral) to capture dirt in the most difficult places such as under sofas, beds and in the narrowest spaces. For greater cleaning precision, the LED light on the Active Dual LED and Slim LED+ brushes illuminates the surface to be cleaned. Furthermore, the Clean Station integrated into BESPOKE Jet AI automatically empties the tank (preventing the user from the contact with the dust), recharges one of the two supplied batteries and acts as a support for the device when not in use. Once emptying is complete, the Clean Station automatically closes the dust tank lid.
The new Jet appliances stand out for the long life of the battery, which in the top of the range model reaches up to 160 minutes of autonomy with the two batteries included (100 minutes and 60 minutes). The range’s multilayer filtering system intercepts and retains dust and allergens, returning cleaner air. And for those who have pets there is the Pet Mini+ brush, particularly suitable for collecting animal hair and equipped with anti-tangle technology. In addition to BESPOKE Jet AI, 7 other models are part of the range: Jet 95 complete extra, Jet 95 multi extra, Jet 85 complete, Jet 85 premium, Jet 75E pet, Jet 75E complete, Jet 65 pet.