Smart Knob, the concept of the knob evolves


Smart Knob by Everel Group opens a new path for this traditional component. “We wanted to evolve the concept of a knob by creating a ‘smart’ version of it – the company explains –. The Smart Knob is the first concept developed by E-Lab (the Innovation Lab of Everel Goup) and enables intelligent and remote control of household appliances. The Smart Knob combines the security of physical control on any device with the IoT technology that is taking over our homes, revolutionizing and simplifying our routines”. The product features a customizable display interface at the top to enhance the customer experience. Besides, it presents rotary control of the knob and physical push for confirmation, and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity with a customizable communication protocol. The battery usage varies depending on the implemented functions: it is also possible to power the Smart Knob directly from the connected appliance. Finally, the compatible wireless charging with Qi standard is optional.