Samsung Trend Radar: among the Christmas gifts there is also the smart vacuum cleaner


According to Samsung’s latest Trend Radar (the “Italians and Christmas, a world of connections” survey, carried out on a sample of over 1,000 people), technology is also at the center of the Christmas period for consumers. One in 2 respondents will give a tech item as a gift: in first place are earphones (34.7%) and smartphones (32.7%), followed by smartwatches (22.2%) and tablets (19.5%). The cordless stick vacuum cleaner stands out in fifth place (14.5%), a sign that even the smart appliances are becoming increasingly attractive thanks to their functions and design. Furthermore, 2 out of 3 respondents declare that they would like to receive a tech gift for Christmas and among these 1 in 5 mentions the smartphone (21.2%). In second place we find the PC (13.9%) and in third place the smartwatch (11.7%). In fourth place is the robot vacuum cleaner (cited by 11.1%).