AEG launches two new washing machine models

AEG Series 9000 LR9T16ABS

AEG recently launched two new washing machine models. The first (Series 9000 LR9T16ABS) stands out for its energy class A-35%. The technologies and programs it is equipped with contribute to achieving this result, such as AbsoluteWash 49min, which cleans clothes at 30°C in less than an hour, guaranteeing a 30% energy saving. Furthermore, fabrics are preserved for a long time thanks to the SoftWater technology, which purifies and softens the water, and the PowerCare technology, which premixes detergent and softener with water before distributing them in the drum so that they dissolve perfectly, penetrating the fibers better. Finally, this product can be connected to the MyAEG Care app, which offers the possibility of personalizing the washing habits and receiving tips. The Series 7000 LR7H116BY connected washing machine is instead characterized by the steam technology. The Final Steam option at the end of the wash is a special laundry treatment that reduces creases and, consequently, the ironing time. Besides, the Steam Refresh function neutralises odors and reduces creases on garments (including the delicate garments) in 25 minutes without the need for a full cycle, using 96% less water. The appliance is also equipped with the PreciseWash technology, which automatically adapts the program to the weight of each load, reducing energy, time and water consumption by up to 40% for smaller loads. Finally, the patented design of the UniversalDose drawer allows for the complete dissolution of all types of detergent, including PODS, even in short cycles and at low temperatures.