Electrolux: new Pure Multi 300 and 500 air purifiers


Electrolux has launched two new air purifiers: Pure Multi 300 and 500, characterized by compact dimensions. These devices are equipped with a Hepa filter and capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns: the first through the 3-step filtration system with carbon pre-filter, the second thanks to the 4-phase system with pre-filter and activated carbon. The spiral outlet creates a powerful vortex to efficiently circulate clean air and purify a 10 square metres room in just 11 minutes. The sound level, 20db in silent mode, allows users to leave the air purifier running even while they sleep. Furthermore, connectivity is one of the strong points of the EPO50371UG model, which offers accurate data on the air quality and allows programs to be activated remotely. In addition, this product neutralizes 99.99% of bacteria and filters 99% of airborne viruses. The EPO30311UG model is instead equipped with the PureSense system with an advanced IR particle sensor: it continuously monitors the air quality and automatically adapts the fan speed based on the measurements.