Helium test bench for white goods


Established in 2010 by Marposs, HeTECH designs and manufactures leak, functional and end-of-line control systems. The offer varies from the simple manual sniffer station to automatic/robotic systems integrated into production lines. Specific interchangeable tools/fixtures and recovery systems for trace gases (helium or mixtures) used for leaking test complete the product range.
For the White sector, HeTECH/Marposs offers customized leak detection testing systems: in the picture, the helium test bench for white goods. “Our leak detection and control systems – the company says – perform helium testing on the compressor circuit of washing machines and dryers. HeTECH/Marposs offers flexible and totally automatic solutions available in a wide range of layouts whose number of vacuum chambers can vary according to the customer’s space and productivity needs. In case of solutions with several test stations, it is possible to disable one of them via software when needed, for example during machine maintenance”. Among the benefits offered, there are: the pumping system placed on a cart for easy maintenance, dedicated electric and pneumatic cabinet, ventilation and sound proofing of the pumping system, total flow vs partial flow, possibility to be interfaced with a helium recovery system, tooling interchangeability, multiple circuits components testing, full traceability of the tested component, and ready for MES communication.