Davy: design and research on materials as key elements for brushes and nozzles

D9 Bristle Frame.

Design and research on materials are among the key elements that characterize Davy’s activity. An example is the production of brushes and nozzles (for domestic, professional and industrial vacuum cleaners), realized for all diameters, even custom-made. “The Davy brushes and nozzles for vacuum cleaners – the company explains – are designed and manufactured to guarantee the highest final quality. The shockproof plastic formula used is designed to avoid marking walls and furniture. The sleeve, made of elastic plastic, is designed to avoid breakage. It is rotatable to ensure maximum comfort of use, and replaceable to connect the brush to connections of different diameters. The frames are interchangeable, so that they can be used both on hard floors and on carpets, and also with devices for liquid vacuum cleaning; in this case, a stabilized plastic is used that allows a perfect coupling of the components and avoids cracks that cause whistling and hissing. Even the bristles can be synthetic for tile floors or natural for more delicate floors such as parquet, for which the optional polishing felt plate is also available. For the industrial sector, instead, user can request stainless steel bristles. For all the brushes, a parking system is also available and allows the accessory to be connected to the body of the machine for more comfortable transport. Even on wheels, specially developed plastic is used: the pins are reinforced for maximum resistance to pressure, while the wheels are made of self-lubricating plastic, so as to slide freely on the floor and not wear out the pins”. The brushes are designed to optimize the air flow, so as to reduce wear and noise, and allow to take full advantage of the engine power, thus ensuring high performance and longer life of the device.