APPLiA: 2023 data and recommendations for the 2024-2029 EU legislature


The data released by APPLiA Italia show a decline in demand for the Italian appliance market in 2023: this trend is in line with what was also found at European level. In detail, the Major Domestic Appliances recorded a decrease in sell-out volumes of -1.8% (but the value grew by 4.1%) and a drop in production of 16.4%. The sell-in data from APPLiA Italia indicate a decrease in national sales (-4.6%) and a double-digit fall in exports (-23.3%).
Among the best performing products are washing machines (in particular high-efficiency, connected and with steam function models), ovens with steam and self-cleaning function and hoods/extractor hobs. However, the Cooling products and the dryers are in difficulty. Inevitably, hand in hand with the Major Domestic Appliances sector, the Components supply chain has also suffered a difficult phase linked to the market dynamics. Besides, the beginning of 2024 also did not start positively (-7.5% for the sell-in in Italy, -16.9% for the foreign sales in the first two months of the year).
As regards to the Small Domestic Appliances, 2023 was essentially flat in terms of value (+0.3% compared to 2022) but with a negative trend in terms of volume (-1.4%). The Home Care sector supported the turnover (+1.1% value, -2.6% volume) thanks to the innovations in the vacuum cleaner category (+2.3%), as well as the Kitchen sector that registered a positive trend (+1,2% value, +2.2% volume) thanks to the coffee machines and air fryers. The Personal Care sector, instead, is in decline.
For the electric water heaters, a market of about one million units sold is estimated for 2023, an increase of around 10% compared to the previous year. Sales are mainly driven by the replacement of obsolete appliances with better performing products. Finally, after 2 years of growth, in 2023 the biomass heating sector experienced a decline of approximately -50% in terms of volume for the pellet appliances due to an important increase in the cost of fuel linked to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
In this context (complex not only for the Italian industry but more generally for Europe), APPLiA – Home Appliance Europe presented its recommendations for the 2024-2029 EU legislature. The Association created a manifesto consisting of 3 pillars and 9 recommendations to achieve climate neutrality, while supporting citizens, preserving jobs and promoting growth in Europe.