Samsung WindFree: patented and award-winning technology


Samsung‘s patented WindFree technology was recently elected “Product of the Year 2024” for the air conditioning category. It uses thousands of micro-holes to spread the air evenly, avoiding direct jets and creating a “Still Air” environment in which the speed of the outgoing air is less than 0.15m/s. This technology works in two phases: the cooling occurs through a first rapid phase with the flap open, until the desired temperature is reached; once the temperature is reached, the flap closes automatically and the coolness continues to spread evenly through the micro-holes from which a diffused breeze comes out. For the domestic channel, WindFree Elite is Samsung’s flagship product: in addition to the WindFree technology, it has A+++/A+++ efficiency in cooling and heating mode. Besides, models for the commercial sector are also available. In addition, the WindFree Elite and WindFree Pure 1.0 air conditioners have the SolarCell remote control which recharges with direct light (solar or artificial).


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