The intelligence of Comac SELF.Y at the service of cleaning


SELF.Y by Comac, with an estimated productivity of 1700 sqm/h, offers autonomous and professional cleaning in environments such as airports, shopping centers, supermarkets, educational institutes, office buildings, conference centers, healthcare facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. The product is simple to set up (even for less experienced users) and autonomously creates a map of the environment, inserting all the obstacles it may encounter during its work while optimizing the cleaning path. It is equipped with touch screen display, 3D cameras (an advanced obstacle avoidance system), LiDAR sensor for intelligent mapping, ultrasonic sensors to detect any surface type and cliff sensors. Besides, thanks to Comac Fleet Care (CFC) the user can communicate with SELF.Y, collect data and transform it into significant information to manage cleaning operations. With CFC it is possible to control SELF.Y anywhere and at any time. The lithium-ion technology battery allows great autonomy up to 3 hours on a single charge and without interruptions.


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