Kärcher KIRA B 50: a robot scrubber dryer for professional cleaning


Roller brush with pre-sweeping function and side brush, 55 cm working width, area performance of up to 2,300 square meters per hour, 160 Ah lithium-ion battery: these are some of the features of the KIRA B 50 cleaning robot by Kärcher. The robot can clean medium and large areas autonomously and the cleaning team can use this time to focus on more complex tasks. The water volume used, detergent dosing and cleaning speed can be precisely preset: this not only ensures a high level of cleaning quality but also saves both resources and money. Another plus of the machine is the optional docking station: whenever the KIRA B 50 requires to fill the fresh water tank, draining and rinsing the waste water tank or charging the battery, it simply docks itself at the docking station, where all operations take place automatically. These tasks can also be performed manually. The robot functions as well as the settings are easy to operate via the large touch display. The machine can clean autonomously or operate as a manual scrubber dryer. In addition, it is possible to plan cleaning paths and routines.
Besides, integrated LiDAR sensors, infrared cameras with 3D vision and the on-board computers ensure a 360° detection of the surrounding areas, quick reactions and reliable navigation. The autonomous scrubber dryer also reliably detects changes in the surroundings as well as obstacles and independently initiates the appropriate manoeuvres. The product is certified in accordance with CSA_22.2 No. 336-17 and IEC 60335-2-117 for use in public areas. For the purposes of documentation and monitoring, the KIRA B 50 sends reports to mobile devices and web portal.