Alternative resources: the H2 hob by Bosch


Bosch is committed to explore new paths to sustainability. The company is part of the “H100 Fife” green hydrogen project taking place in Scotland and led by the gas distribution company SGN. In detail, around 300 homes in Scotland’s east coast (in Buckhaven and Denbeath towns) will be supplied with green hydrogen for heating and cooking. The energy necessary for the process is generated by clean offshore wind power and electrolysis; Bosch will provide the hydrogen cooking hobs. One of the great benefits of green hydrogen is that it does not produce any carbon monoxide or CO2. Bosch presented this new technology at Eurocucina 2024 in Milan. “This pilot – the company explains – shows a concrete commitment towards alternative resources which have a low or zero impact on the environment and wants to be an inspiration for further projects that will pave the way for a future that moves us closer to net zero”.