Highly absorbent counter-rotating rollers in WashG1 by Dyson


WashG1 is the new Dyson device for the floorcare. The appliance removes wet and dry dirt in a single pass and is equipped with a 1 liter clean water tank to cover surfaces of up to 290 m2. Two rollers (each with a motor positioned inside) rotate in opposite directions, while a pulse-modulated pump distributes water evenly across 26 hydration points, located along the entire length of each roller. This is made up of highly absorbent microfibre, with 64,800 filaments per cm2. Besides, by positioning the two rollers at the front and back of the machine, Dyson engineers achieved a longer dwell time on stains with each pass, for powerful, fast removal. The separation technology divides solid waste and dirty water for hygienic, contactless disposal. The dirty water is extracted from the rollers thanks to the extraction bars, while the secondary bars, placed inside the brush and equipped with nylon bristles, remove dirt and residues from the microfibre rollers, discharging them directly into a removable tray designed specifically for solids. This component is realized with a 500 micron mesh to separate dirty water from the large debris. The dirty water, thanks to an extraction pump, is conveyed into a tank with a capacity of 0.8 litres. Keeping the dirt and debris in the head of the machine and the dirty water in a separate tank allows for easy and hygienic disposal. To further facilitate users in maintaining the appliance, Dyson WashG1 has been designed without sharp internal surfaces or crevices, to reduce the accumulation of residues and dirt inside the machine. Both water tanks have been realized with a wide opening to allow for simple cleaning. After the use, the self-cleaning mode saturates both rollers with clean water at maximum power, flushing the entire system. In addition to these features, the product is equipped with a personalized hydration control system, allowing the user to select the level of hydration based on the type of dirt, surface or personal preferences. The consumer can choose three modes: high, medium or low. Each also comes with three additional settings, to fine-tune the individual cleaning needs. And a separate button for the boost mode allows user to hydrate each roller with the maximum amount of water to remove stubborn dirt and dried-on stains. Finally, to optimize the maneuverability, Dyson engineers have fine-tuned the motors to spin at a constant speed based on the hydration mode selected, allowing the appliance to glide effortlessly while cleaning. Furthermore, thanks to the Omni-glide technology, the casters provide additional balance.


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