FAET entry into the capital of Politubes

From the left: Gabriele Guidi and Federico Penzo, respectively CEO FAET and CEO Politubes

FAET (a company specialized in the transformation of insulating materials for the production of electric motors, transformers, and components for electric vehicles, with over 50 years of history and production sites in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna) has announced the acquisition of a 30% stake in Politubes, a Lombard company strongly oriented towards global exports and specializing in the design and production of spiral tubes and insulating caps for the electromechanical and automotive sectors. This strategic move will allow FAET to expand its product range with a new series of innovative solutions suitable for both traditional markets and those experiencing strong growth, such as the EV market. In turn, Politubes will benefit from a synergistic industrial partner for product penetration and research and development of new solutions.

«The evident economies of scale generated throughout the supply chain – FAET and Politubes explain – will enable our two companies to jointly establish the European hub for electrical insulation, positioning themselves as leaders in the industry». In a joint statement, the CEOs of both FAET and Politubes, Gabriele Guidi and Federico Penzo respectively, expressed extreme satisfaction with this agreement. They emphasized their longstanding collaboration and expressed confidence that this union will further enhance their already dominant market share in Europe.


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