Strategies in the field for home appliances

The presentation of the study “The Catering Chain in Italy: the value and role for Made in Italy - The contribution of professional equipment” by Benedetta Brioschi, partner in charge of Food & Retail at The European House Ambrosetti

APPLiA Italia meeting focused on actions for the future: industry support, sustainability and virtuous reduction of energy consumption

With its annual members’ assembly, APPLiA Italia, the confindustrial association of manufacturers of household appliances and catering equipment, has put in place the cornerstones of its action to support an industry with an economic weight of 19 billion in turnover, of which 12 billion in exports, and 145,000 direct and indirect employees. Thanks, too, to the presentation of two strategic studies carried out in collaboration with The European House Ambrosetti and the signing of the Energy Bank’s Manifesto Against Energy Poverty.

At the helm of the association, the assembly reconfirmed directors Mario Salari of Ariston and Marco Saccone of Olimpia Splendid, who make up the APPLiA Italia General Council along with president Paolo Lioy (Beko Europe); vice presidents Vittorio Bertazzoni (Smeg) as vice president for International Affairs, Marco Brogi (De’ Longhi) as vice president for Innovation and Digital Transformation, Enrico Hoffmann (BSH) as vice president for Communications, and Laura Rocchitelli (Rold) as vice president for SMEs; past president Manuela Soffientini (Electrolux Italy); and heads group Francesco Spizzico (Sabiana – Assocamini), Daniele Pianezze (Copreci Italia – Components), Andrea Rossi (Electrolux Professional – Efcem Italia), Fabio Forte (Rika Stufe Austriache – Unicalor), Renzo Mulattieri (Elica – Cappe), Lorenzo Comaschi (Miele Italia – Grandi Eldom) and Ciro Sinatra (Vorwerk Italia – Piccoli Eldom).

Support from institutions

Paolo Lioy, president of APPLiA Italia

Institutional support for the sector is crucial. «In a market context that is not simple», explains President Paolo Lioy, «APPLiA Italia continues to work to give evidence of how our products can play a leading role in reducing the energy consumption of families, and therefore of the country, to enhance the Home Appliance Industry, excellence of Made in Italy. It was precisely with this in mind that we warmly welcomed first the commitment of Parliament, in particular that of the 10th House Committee and its chairman, Alberto Gusmeroli, first signatory of a PDL for an eco incentive for home appliances, then the Ministry of Business and Made In Italy, with the establishment of a special division on our industry within the ministry and, even more significantly, the opening of a permanent table on the ‘white goods supply chain’ strongly desired by Minister Adolfo Urso, in which our proposals for a revival of the Italian market and for the defense of our industry at the European level. In fact, a key game is being played here, and as APPLiA we have published a European manifesto that brings together recommendations for achieving climate neutrality while not penalizing families, preserving jobs and promoting growth in Europe. On these issues we ask Minister Urso to be a spokesperson in Europe».

Competitive and sustainable

The detailed picture of the sector comes from the strategic study “The Catering Supply Chain in Italy: the value and role for Made in Italy – The contribution of professional equipment” illustrated by Benedetta Brioschi, partner in charge of Food & Retail at The European House Ambrosetti.

The “extended catering supply chain” counts 120 billion in turnover and more than 50 billion in added value, developed by 392,000 companies with 1.9 million employees and self-employed: in view of the economic and strategic importance for the country system Italy, specific proposals for concrete support to the supply chain itself emerged, including support for increasing the energy efficiency of equipment, recognition of the sector as a key element in the creation of the Made in Italy image, and the development of communication activities to ensure the recognition and authority of professional equipment produced in Italy.

This will be followed by a second study, “The Value of the Home Appliances Supply Chain for the Country’s Competitiveness and Sustainable and Circular Transition”, which will be presented in September at the Chamber of Deputies and intends to delve into the reference scenario of the home appliance sector, quantify the economic and social value generated by the supply chain, analyze the main challenges for the supply chain starting with the sustainable and circular transition and innovation and digitalization, and identify some recommendations and proposals for action to sustain the competitiveness of the sector in the long term. On the topic of consumption reduction, which has always been at the center of APPLiA Italia’s policies and where appliances can and must play a leading role, Paolo Lioy announced the association’s subscription to the Manifesto against Energy Poverty of the Banco dell’Energia, a nonprofit organization created to help people in economic and social difficulty by carrying out projects related to the fight against energy poverty, with initiatives ranging from training on the conscious use of energy, to efficiency actions and the creation of renewable and supportive energy communities. A commitment that involves a network of public, private and third sector organizations, numerous trade associations and stakeholders.

Eyes are also on how artificial intelligence and biotechnology are changing the drivers of global growth, thanks to a talk by Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, professor of Strategy at Bocconi University’s School of Business Management, a columnist and contributor to several newspapers.