Haier: the innovations of the X Series 11 range


Haier‘s new X Series 11 range (which includes washing machine and dryer) combines new technologies and efficiency, with solutions that reach the energy class A-50%. The washing machine stands out for its Direct Motion motor (efficient and silent) and for its Ultra Fresh Air technology, which creates a continuous air flow in the drum to prevent bacteria and bad odors for up to 12 hours after the end of the cycle. The X Series 11 dryer, however, is equipped with the Dual Engine Inverter, which guarantees efficiency. Furthermore, the Twin Motor with Ultra Reverse Drum prevents the garments from tangling thanks to a bidirectional movement of equal duration, and the Flexy Air function allows user to adjust the air flow to the desired intensity, choosing between 5 levels based on the time and the type of fabric to be dried. The dryer is in energy class A+++ -10%. The X Series 11 products can be connected to the hOn app, which offers various customization possibilities. Besides, Artificial Intelligence increases the potential of the appliances: the washing machine can automatically detect the quantity and type of fabrics present in the laundry to regulate the wash and dose the detergent among over 2500 possible combinations, while the dryer is able to automatically recognize the type of garment, fabric and size of the load, to set the most suitable cycle. It is also possible to scan and archive the washing labels to create a “Virtual Wardrobe” and always know how to best wash and dry each individual garment. Finally, regarding design, the X Series 11 range features a TFT screen and a drum with a large diameter.