Power board for ovens by Gitronica


Developed for application in ovens, Gitronica’s power board presents the following characteristics: insulated AC / DC, with low voltage power supply of unit control, standard configuration, analogue and digital sensors, electrically insulated from the electrical network. Other features are: microcontroller for basic control of the oven, management of alternating loads with cavity temperature control through fully programmable PID, NTC/PT1000 temperature probe management, SW management of temperature control system malfunction in fault conditions, water load reading control (flow meter), meat probe reading control, power load reading, real time clock with backup of time and date without the presence of a power supply network. Besides, the power board guarantees the conformity to Ta 105°C / UL. As regards to the input specifications, the product is characterized by input voltage 90V – 264V (50-60Hz) and 10 AC/DC inputs for temperature sensors. Regarding the output, the technical data are: insulated output voltage 5V, insulated output voltage 12V, 4 X 16A relay outputs, 4 X 10A relay outputs, 1 triac output for light control.