MARO Model 1, the digital coffee machine in HIMACS


The start-up MARO Coffee Engineering has designed MARO Model 1, a new fully digital coffee machine, made with the “HIMACS” Solid Surface material (conceived and produced by LX Hausys). This guarantees hygiene, high resistance, durability and a refined aesthetics. For the white version, the Alpine White Ultra-Thermoforming shade (ideal for creating ergonomic curves) was chosen, while the black version presents the Intense Ultra Black finish. MARO Model 1 heats up very quickly, is quiet and is energy efficient. The 7-inch touchscreen allows user to customize the coffee according to the tastes, showing all the steps to follow to obtain the best result. The appliance screen includes three interface modes: “Explorer Mode” with real-time instructions for beginners, “Expert Mode” for advanced users and “Fan Mode” for those who have more in-depth knowledge of coffee preparation.


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