Penta Group: low-pressure molding with hot melt resins


Penta Group, a company part of Gruppo Comestero Sistemi and specialized in wiring and assembly of electrical, electronic and electromechanical components and customizations, also offers solutions for low-pressure molding of plastic materials and overmolding. “This technology which uses hot melt resins – the company explains – is ideal for protecting electrical and electromechanical components from heat, humidity, dust and mechanical shocks”. Furthermore, it guarantees rapid production cycles (thanks to the use of aluminum moulds, the cycles are accelerated, improving productivity), production cost reduction thanks to the process efficiency and the cycle speed (this technology is therefore suitable for processing small and medium quantities) and protection of delicate components (the low resin injection pressure avoids damage to the most delicate components). The main applications include electrical components, molding of connectors, fasteners and cable grommets, insulation of PCBs with plastic resins. “Each processing – the company declares – has a rigid production process, defined down to the smallest detail regarding the preparation, realization and control of the products through specific tests. This guarantees high quality, reliability and durability of the components made”.


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