Axial valve


After over 40 years of experience in the design and implementation of solenoid valves 100% manufactured in Italy, Rpe proposes a new solution that joins the broad range of its products: the axial valve.

The axial valve, made of suitable certified polymers for the contact with drinking waters and foods, and studied to have small sizes (diameter of 38 mm and height of 43 mm), offers excellent hydraulic performances: 0.5-10 bars of operation, Kv 18 l/min. Supplied in DC, it is available with bistable control or normally closed and has slow energy consumptions: 1 W of power and 130 mA of absorption, then it is ideal for applications with common batteries. The input connections, always equipped with filter, can be flanged (as in the figure) or male ½”, whereas the output connection is of push fit 8-mm type, with JG cartridge.

The valve, devised for electronic taps, can be used also in several applications requiring easy assembly, versatility and excellent performances.


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