Meccanotecnica Umbra: mechanical seals for dishwasher pumps


Meccanotecnica Umbra offers mechanical seals for dishwasher pumps for both domestic and industrial channel. “Starting from an assessment of use, it is crucial that their leak tightness and quietness level be as high as possible – the company explains –. These parameters must be guaranteed over time to avoid malfunctions that could then affect the effectiveness of the appliance. In addition to being fully customisable, these products are characterised by long service life, high reliability, quiet pump operation and excellent motor starting torque after prolonged standstill”. The mechanical seals for dishwasher pumps are also achieved through a combination of certain materials, including a special type of PTFE (Mecflon) which is researched and developed by the company’s staff in laboratory. In the picture, the FA compact mechanical seals with covered rotating head.