Crowns for gas ovens


The Sabaf laboratories at Ospitaletto give birth to the burner Series 4 DF, the last generation of kitchen components characterized by the highest efficiency on the market and by attractive aesthetics. “High efficiency” means gas saving, first of all, but also fast cooking times, lower emissions of CO2 : all that directly results in a lighter bill for the final consumer. If we consider that the efficiency reached by the 4 DF Series exceeds 70% according to Indian regulations, it is easy to imagine how Sabaf technology brings immediate advantages to the quality of life of people who cook and, on the long term, also to the environment. A forefront design that represents the breaking element with the products previously launched on the market and characterized by two crowns with concentric flames completes a range of products that speak for themselves. The ignition and thermoelectric safety device is a “standard” optional.
Studied and implemented to satisfy the particular requirements of the Indian market, the new line of 4 DF Series burners will be declined in a version that better matches the demands, mainly aesthetical, of the other markets, also providing the latter with an absolutely innovative and eco-friendly product.