Ready- to- use helium control


Thanks to the over twenty-year experience in the sector of sealing controls in industrial field, Lazzero Tecnologie offers solutions for all the needs of tightness control and implements fully automated machines with very fast process times and various testing modalities with the use of tracing gases for very severe tests.
Testing machines are generally tailor-made, according to customers’ requirements, with very high design and manufacturing times. To solve the latter aspect, Lazzero Tecnologie proposes a range of machines that show a certain number of standardized characteristics, which can anyway be customized in some of their parts, to reduce implementation costs and times. The name given to these solutions is “Ready for You”, just because they allow having in fast times and with lower expenses a product with high features and able to fit single requirements.
The testing systems are those standard of leak testing applications with helium (“integral method”, defined by the regulation EN 13185/B.6; “accumulation method”, standard EN 13185/B.3; “sniffing method”, standard 13185/B.4). While the standardization of sniffer systems is very common, images show the implementations “Ready for You” for the other two measuring modalities. In the first case it is indicated the accumulation method, characterized by a main unit to which it is possible to connect in parallel up to 4 testing stations, while in the second it is represented the solution for the integral test, where it is possible to use bigger-size cameras positioned sideways the machine instead of on the work table.