Solution for the powder management


OptiCenter is the new modular system by Gema for the integrated management of powder, which can be coupled with all types of painting guns and cabins. It operates with great rapidity without any powder dispersion, allowing extraordinary painting results under all working conditions.
The greatest advantage offered by OptiCenter is its OptiSpeeder II tank: the powder suction ducts are much shorter than traditional powder centres and their distance remains constant with regards to the fluidization plate on the bottom. This assures a more regular powder flow, with an air consumption decrease by 10%.
OptiSpeeder II, thanks to a special highly sensitive powder sensor, operates with extremely reduced level differentials. Together with the new injectors and the reduced suction ducts, it allows achieving much more performing painting results than with any other system.
The new IG06 injector is fruit of the most advanced and tested ITW Gema technology. The new design and the particular 135o bending create a minimal suction resistance, assuring a more uniform delivery and even smoother nebulisation to the powder flow.