Sensor Line


For several years Fusit Srl has been holding a significant presence in the industry of Home Appliances as supplier of components such as fuses, fuse-holders, thermostats, switches, terminals, IEC320 plugs, cord sets, brushless motors and axial fans. Today the company further expands its offer of components for the H.A. thanks to the agreement with Measurement Specialities Inc. (MEAS) for the distribution in Italy of a complete range of sensors for measuring the most important physical magnitudes. They are sensors and transducers for the measurement of temperature, wetness, pressure/force, vibration, position, liquid level and flow, which find wide application on board of refrigerators and dryers (humidity), in traditional and microwave ovens for the food cooking (temperature), in boilers and in heating appliances (temperature, level, flow), in beverage dispensers and in coffee machines (temperature, level, flow), in washing machines (vibration), in conditioning systems (temperature, wetness) as well as in numerous other cases. The Sensor line, added to the more traditional product lines of the Fusit catalogue, further strengthens the position of the company in the ranking of the suppliers of components for the H.A. industry.