T-MEC by Thermowatt is the only “mechatronic” thermostat for water heaters. The innovative project springs from the integration of the electromechanical Thermowatt thermostat with a state-of-the-art electronic card. The combination of the two technologies allows the producers of water heaters to implement products with advanced functions and fully customizable, thanks to the full programmability of the electronic card, without giving up the total safety offered by the electromechanical thermostat. T-MEC assures the full compliance with the new European regulations (ErP directive) concerning the energy saving through the SMART function, a fast and safe installation with Thermowatt tubular resistances, and it does not require additional investments to the producers of water heaters. As a matter of fact, the whole necessary know-how, the technical support for the development and the customization and the structures for tests and certifications are directly supplied by Thermowatt. Besides, the dimensions and the ergonomics of T-MEC mirror those of traditional rod thermostats, thus zeroing the investments for mechanical modifications and for the adaptation of productive processes.