Energy Saving


The energy saving is an important priority in the cost reduction plans both of private citizens and of enterprises. Several technologies are already available in trade that through innovative systems (domotics, wi-fi systems, new communication protocols and so on) allow controlling and monitoring the energy consumption of electrical and electronic appliances. Systems that anyway require quite huge investments both for private users and for business realities and entrepreneurial organizations.

Rold Group overcomes these barriers by proposing a Smart Power Monitoring system accessible to all without infrastructural interventions in houses, in offices or in commercial and industrial headquarters.

Rold has in fact developed, together with Tekpea – American company specialized in smart metering ambit and offices in Palo Alto – some electrical devices (electrical current outlets) that integrate a control system able to verify with precision the energy absorbed and consumed by the various devices to be monitored: from all household appliances commonly equipping private houses to all the systems that need an ordinary electrical outlet to operate.

Private users, as well as the energy manager, the corporate user entrusted with the control of costs or the business entrepreneur can monitor and manage their energy consumptions in fully independent way through a simple App (at present developed for Android systems, but soon released also for iOs and other operating systems) directly from our tablet or smartphone.

Strategic target of Rold is to establish important partnerships with the primary world producers of household appliances and home appliances to integrate one’s own monitoring and management systems of energy consumptions directly into domestic devices.

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