ae convention “Consumptions, communication and ethics in the household appliance world”


Certainly, the 60 years of ae are a party. But on October 28th, at the Manzoni Theatre in Milan, before the show we are organizing a convention that we hope will arouse the participants’ interest, entitled “Consumptions, communication and ethics in the household appliance world”.
In short, little commitment before pure fun.
We have asked Mauro Ferraresi (sociologist, essayist and scholar of communication, teacher at the IULM University) to chair a large pool of interventions.
Ferraresi in person will start the convention, developing the theme New consumption trends and consumers’ changes. Afterwards:

The change in the attitudes of household appliance use
Alessio Neri, general manager of Iterion (Marketing, Research & Solutions)

Can consumers exploit the new household appliance technologies at best?
Vivien Reimbelli, owner Area Consulting

How the communication has changed in the household appliance world (and how it will change)
Anna Zinola, sociologist and essayist, teacher of marketing psychology atPaviaUniversity

A world of Apps
Stefania Lobosco, creator of WashApp

The new retail frontiers
Luca Pellegrini, teacher atIULMUniversity, president of TradeLab

Ethics and industry
Fabrizia Paloscia, of Fabrica Ethica