ANFEL complaint 12 companies for failure to comply with the WEEE legislation


According to the current legislation of waste (WEEE), producers who put appliances on the market are required to register in a special section of the Register of Industrial Establishments of the Ministry of Industry (Registro de Establecimientos Industriales), a fact that in turn implies an obligation to be part of a Integrated Management System (IMS) of WEEE. ANFEL (Spanish association of manufacturers and importers of white goods), in order to defend the interests of its members, has undertaken an extensive campaign to control products available in stores nationwide. The Association has identified 12 companies that are allegedly defaulting obligations, not being aware of their inclusion in the Registro de Establecimientos Industriales. Consequently, Anfel proceeded to their formal complaint with the Ministry of Industry, demanding his intervention for the start of the disciplinary proceedings and administrative procedures called for by legislation.