Chinese expenditures on R&D


National Bureau of Statistics of China has recently published the annual data about R&D. Last year China’s total expenditures on science and technology (S&T) continued to maintain a stable growth. The expenditures of research and development (R&D) funds have increased steadily, the input intensity has improved. In 2012, national total R&D expenditures reached 1,029.84 billion yuan, jumped 161.14 billion yuan year-on-year, up by 18.5 percent, and with 1.98 percent of input intensity (the proportion of R&D expenditures to GDP), 0.14 percentage point higher than that in the previous year, which was 1.84 percent. In terms of different executive departments, the expenditures by all types of enterprises reached 784.22 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.2 percent. In regard to the manufacture of electrical machinery and equipment, this industry registered R&D expenditures equal to 704,3 (x100 million yuan).