Brazil: production in electric-electronic sector fell by 3.1% in September


The IBGE data (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), aggregated for Abinee (Brazilian Association of electric and electronic industry), indicate that physical production of electric-electronic sector fell by 3.1% in the month of September 2013 compared to August. This decrease is the result of -2.1% in the electronic industry and -4.7% in the electric sector. Compared with September 2012, the sector grew by 4.3% instead. However, the basis of comparison is weak, since last year there was a decrease of 12.5% compared to September 2011. According to the survey, moreover, considering the last 12 months, the sector has remained stable (0.7%), due to the 0.9% decrease in the electronic segment and a 3.5% increase in the electric sector.