Gesturing control of the user interface in consumer electronics


To switch on the suction hood without touching buttons and switches. It is not a distant future; we should just consider the last generations of game consoles that exploit gestures to control functions. Nevertheless, neither their most sophisticated technology is suitable for consumer applications or household appliances. All that we need is a technology enabling users to interact on a device by using a combination of display gestures and information, that’s to say touch-free gesturing. Today this technology exists. A new Microchip Technology solution, based on the GestIC technology chip (called MGC3130 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller). MGC3130 is the first 3D gesture controller in the world that uses electrical fields (E-fields) for the detection of the hand position with free-space gesture recognition. Since it detects only changes close to the E-field caused by conductive objects, like human body, this makes it resistant to environmental influences, such as light and noise. Besides, since its range of action is 15 cm, it grants that only gestures done by the expected user are detected, preventing false detections from people in the offing. Another great advantage by GestIC is that any detection electrode can be invisibly integrated behind the upper coating layer of household appliances, displays etcetera.