High-efficiency planetary gear motor


Operating for over forty years in the field of the production of motors and gear motors with applications in the fields of community and professional catering appliances, Autom has recently introduced into its production range a new planetary-type gear motor that, thanks to the perfected development of the profiles of the gears used and to the implemented optimizations, grants high efficiency, low noise, long service life and exceptional performances for the transmission of torques up to 60 Nm.

It is offered in the version equipped with single and three-phase motor in alternate current and in direct current with permanent magnets, with powers up to 400 watts, while it is under completion the industrialization of a version equipped with very high efficiency brushless motors in low voltage direct current.

The application fields range from mixers, blenders, conveyors to all applications where high performances are necessary for the transmission of high torques with an item characterized by small sizes and low cost.

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