Doorlocks DK series


Fruit of the constant investments in research and innovation, the DK series of doorlocks developed by Rold ranks in the sector forefront and represents a reference point for the market. The application modularity perfectly matches the utmost safety. Officially launched in 2008, the DK series represents an innovative electromagnetic doorlock system for household appliances. Fully conceived and developed by the technical research and development team of Rold, DK inherits the appreciated concept of application modularity from the previous versions while proposing anyway new technical solutions, thanks to which it has immediately entered the market as reference point and technological forefront. The design effort of the DK series has taken advantage of the experiences and competences gained over the years in the design and development of doorlock systems, coupling:

– the characteristics of the DF series: device born as a real “modular system” where the functional part (lock device) is fully independent from the application one, acting as guarantee and support of whatever needs of household appliance manufacturers;

– the mechanical specifications of the CB series in the case of “push/pull” application: systems studied for closing and opening the door of household appliances with electrical functioning, in particularly dryers (the device grants the door closure due to the effect of a simple pressure and release, pulling the handle on the door itself of the machine).

Combining the technical, electrical and mechanical peculiarities of the previous systems with an advanced safety control, DK then rightly represents an innovative system that integrates in a single component lock devices for any application type and safety systems. The devices of the DK series can be customized according to the market’s demands and manufacturers’ requirements.

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