Candy Group has created the Kitchen Appliances Business Sector


With the aim of improving the level of competitiveness, Candy Group announced a modification in the organizational structure. Kitchen Appliances Business Sector has been created from the merger of Business Sector Cooling and Built-in and Cooking. The new Business Sector will be responsible for product lines of “cooling” and “cooking” and will be directed by Giorgio Lasagni (in the picture), in which the commercial organization of Italy and France for the product lines of the built-in will also refers. This operation is designed to optimize the organization and the available resources, as well as running more efficiently a set of inter-related products on the aesthetic and sometimes functional level. The new Business Sector will join the other two specialized structures operating since the beginning of 2010: the Washing Appliances Business Sector, led by Beppe Fumagalli and dedicated to the products of washing, and the Small Domestic Appliances Business Sector, directed by Francesco Di Valentin for small appliances.