Two ovens in one


A high-performance separating element allows subdividing the inner oven cavity into two distinguished environments with different cooking temperatures. Optimizing energy consumptions and working times in the kitchen.

Marika Comotti

Candy Maxi Oven model FTH 824 VX

A separating element with high insulating and sealing power allows cooking inside a bigger-size oven, at the same time, two different courses with completely different temperatures, in two cavities managed in autonomous way. Saving time in the food preparation in kitchen as well as money, thanks to the overall energy saving. All that in a built-in system suitable for being positioned also in standard pieces of furniture for kitchens. The idea is by Candy, one of the main European brands for the production of big wall-type and built-in household appliances, which has made the insulating separator for the Maxi Oven model FTH 824 VX the key element. Even requiring a standard 60-centimetre built-in structure, the new oven has a useful volume of 78 litres for an inner space exceeding by 40% a traditional oven. The insulating separator allows obtaining two fully independent cooking spaces with four different use possibilities: cooking with full cavity, cooking with the only upper cavity, cooking with the only lower cavity and simultaneous lower and upper cooking at different temperatures.

The double cooking space of the Candy Maxi Oven model FTH 824 VX

The separator, implemented upon design of the engineers inside the team Candy Group Research and Development “Cooking Division” and assembled in the Candy factory, divides the oven space into two autonomous cavities in terms of functioning and regulation of the cooking temperature. It is constituted by a layer of ceramic insulating material contained between two sheet metal elements welded one another. Apposite silicon gaskets are fixed to the perimeter and grant sealing and insulation between the two cavities. The positioning inside the oven space occurs like for a standard dripping-pan or shelf without additional fixing components. This permits the maximum use flexibility of the total oven cavity.

Graphic illustration of the insulating separator of Candy Maxi Oven model FTH 824 VX
1 – lateral profile
2 – front gasket
3 – rear gasket
4 – right rear gasket
5 – left rear gasket
6 – enamelled bottom

The main function of the insulating separator consists in the subdivision of the oven cavity into autonomous spaces. Thanks to the positioning of the separator, which grants an optimal insulation, you can obtain two completely independent ovens, each of them equipped with its own fan for the heat diffusion and programmable separately. The insulating layer and the presence of silicon allow reaching a temperature difference between the two cavities up to 100 °C. In general, depending on cooking needs, it is possible to use also one of the two cavities to cook foods in reduced portions with minor electrical energy consumption and shorter pre-heating time.

The performances of the insulating separator are mainly connected with the presence of two different fans provided with circular resistance and autonomous programming for each of the two cavities of the Candy Maxi Oven, and besides the widening of the total cavity of the oven reaches 78 litres of capacity against 55 of standard ovens and allows obtaining two adequate cooking spaces for different types of courses. In the background arouse also key-matters for the contemporary production of household appliances, such as the energy saving and the improvement of cooking devices. In addition to the insulating separator, Candy has equipped the Maxi Oven also with a Led U.See lighting system, patented by Candy, equipped with 14 high-quality white light LEDS, which eliminates the shadows and the colour alterations in order to avoid the need of opening the oven to control the cooking of courses and contributing in knocking down energy consumption costs (20% less than the A class).