Haier Group: partnership with Alibaba


Haier Group and Alibaba Group have announced a partnership aimed at combining the strengths of both companies to create a comprehensive system and standards for the delivery and installation of household appliances and other large-sized goods. The partnership will leverage Haier Group’s supply chain management skills, logistics warehouses, delivery and installation services and Alibaba Group’s e-commerce capabilities. As part of the strategic partnership, Alibaba Group will invest a total of HK$2.822 billion into Haier Electronics Group Co., a member company of Haier Group. “The future economy is an experiential economy wherein the user is no longer just a passive buyer, but an active participant throughout the entire process, and companies around the world need to adapt to this” said Zhang Ruimin, board chairman and CEO of Haier Group. “The aim of this partnership is not simply to grow the Goodaymart business (Goodaymart Logistics is a member of Haier Electronics) but ultimately to enhance the experience for all participants in the logistics industry. Haier Group can learn a great deal from Alibaba through this partnership, and I’m confident that this collaboration will create concrete benefits for all involved”. Haier Group and Alibaba Group will invest resources and fully leverage Haier Group’s operational experience and Alibaba’s e-commerce, data and information capabilities to create a fast and convenient end-to-end e-commerce and logistics experience for consumers. Using the newly established Goodaymart joint venture company, the parties will establish industry logistics service standards for point-to-point delivery of large-sized goods and create a nationwide logistics and service network for the delivery and assembly of household appliances and large-sized goods. At the same time, Haier Group and Alibaba Group will jointly develop and provide innovative supply chain management solutions and products to drive the development of the Chinese logistics industry.