3-way mixing valve


The 3-way mixing valve has been designed by Bitron for the control and mixing of hot and cold water in heating circuits.

It is composed by a plastic body, electromagnetic actuator and internal system dedicated to mixing.

Hydraulic connections are very simple because the plant pipes can be fixed directly to the valve body through clips and tightening seals supplied apart. This type of connection offers several advantages in terms of assembly times and costs in comparison with the solution with threaded brass fittings. If necessary, Bitron can supply those fittings in several sizes.

Another advantage of this design type is the plastic valve body that determines a further cost reduction and a significant weight decrease.

The mixing typology and its flow rate can be customized upon specific demand.

The actuator can be easily removed: in case of black-out, in fact, the valve can be manually controlled without damaging the plant integrity or efficiency. The actuator operation condition can be easily detected by means of a LED indicator.

Two different control types are provided for this type of valves. On the 230 VAC-powered version, the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation sense is controlled by three-point connection (two phases and neutral). On the version powered at 24 VAC, the rotation sense is controlled by means of an analogue input signal ranging from 0 VDC to 10 VDC.

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