New self-blocking filter


The new typology of filter proposed by Rpe constitutes an evolution of the R Filter series and presents a new 90° geometry and a self-blocking system and input/output with ferrule.

Rpe filters protect the system from impurities thanks to a filtering stainless steel cartridge with 60/120 mesh, preserving their quality and functions. They can be comfortably inspected, thanks to their plug that can be easily unscrewed manually. The main characteristic of the self-blocking filter is to permit its inspection by automatically interrupting the flow inside the circuit, without therefore having to intervene on the system upstream.

Like for the standard line of Rpe filters, the new self-blocking filter is available with two different filtering degrees: 60 mesh or 120 mesh. The filter can be mounted on body with 180° inlet as to the outlet, or also on a body with a new 90°-geometry. Thanks to the use of a new ferrule, the connection possibilities have been increased (¾” male and ¾” female). Both bodies have the prearrangement for the mounting with a bracket.

The new self-blocking Rpe filter is also provided with a double seal that, assuring the tightness, prevents the water outflow when you unscrew the plug. It finds application in whatever circuit in which filtering is necessary, such as: household appliances, multi-function tanks and hydromassage showers, irrigation of gardens and porches, water distributors, industrial furnaces and sanitary fittings.

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