Elegant like metal, easy to clean like glass


The new material Schott MetalLook is fruit of the new technology for surfaces developed and patented by Schott, which includes several machining phases aimed at conferring the stainless steel look to the glass.

With MetalLook the International technological Schott Group offers a product in which the glass advantages are coupled with the elegant look of the metal. This material, very easy to clean, is ideal for house surfaces and in particular in the kitchen. Besides, it allows realizing completely new designs because lines, symbols and elegant logos can be integrated on the surface, and it is particularly suitable for the control elements of ovens, refrigerators and other household appliances.

In modern houses, the stainless steel decoration has diffused for a long time but normal stainless steel surfaces are very delicate, we often leave fingerprints on them and are easily scratched. In these cases the new Schott MetalLook material finds its best application, offering a modern and smooth surface, looking like the stainless steel and easily cleaned, on which fingerprints are much less visible.

Schott MetalLook is available in various shades of metal colour and with various brushed effects for a broad range of applications, like for instance: oven doors, kitchen hoods, refrigerators, splash-guard panels etc. A further advantage is that it needs less work during the assembly process, which contributes in reducing production costs.