Electronic system for coffee machines


After months of study and design, the R&D team of Everel presents a new and performing integrated solution for the coffee machine control to the market.

Beatrice Canzian

The product architecture is composed by three main parts: the electronic card with microprocessor that constitutes the design core, an interface and customizable software to manage the various functions. The standard version consists of two electronic buttons provided with a PCB, which interact with an electronic card containing the operation logic. The button structure and the button, made of high quality plastic material, are fixed to the printed circuit by means of a reliable system. The circuit is provided with a LED and a microswitch. The button is composed by three elements: the printed circuit, the button body and the real button. These elements interact with the electronic card that, inside the machine, controls the water delivery and the switching on/off of the pump.


At hardware level, this solution integrates all inputs and outputs needed for the coffee machine management. In the hardware is integrated an energy-saving system with coffee machine switching off function after a pre-determinate standby time; numerous are the functions, such as the pod counter, the controller of the boiler temperature that can be managed by a PTC probe or by a bimetal thermostat; in addition to that, it is possible to include a safety microswitch that delivers water only with closed door. A part of the interface can be customized by the customer according to the desired functions and to the household appliance use; Everel currently proposes two versions of integrated solution with and without LED, upon customer’s demand you can manage any customization type.

From the software point of view, it is possible to set the various parameters, including the stand-by time, the maximum time of coffee delivery, the pre-infusion function to wet the pod before the water infusion enters. There is the possibility of excluding the standby for the users in the Countries not demanding for it and it is possible to manage all information about the machine and coffee state.

The button body is made of polycarbonate to allow achieving a high coefficient of light transmission. The light guiding system conveys the light from the LED to the circular crown in view on the upper part of the button. The light effect is further improved by a particular surface finish of the button.

The button colour and the marking can be customized to better satisfy customers’ requirements.

Between the button and the PCB is interposed a spring that improves the touch effect of the button.

The small sizes of the card and of the button allow their easy introduction inside the application.

An important aspect concerns the electronic card that includes a power supply to be powered by net voltage; this avoids the necessity of adding a supplementary one.