Bearings, linear guides and plastic joints


SMG is a producer of axial, radial and spherical bearings, thrust balls, linear guides and plastic spherical joints for the most various application fields like medical and food industry, automotive, shipbuilding, electronics, photography, vacuum and conditioning technology. The advantages of the proposed material are the resistance to high temperatures (in high-performance plastics in some cases up to 250 °C), the resistance to acids and to alkaline substances, the absence of lubrication and maintenance, the weight and the small sizes as well as the possibility of offering customized productions.

Among the various products, stands out the new plastic ARL bearing (for which the manufacturer has filed the patent application), designed to withstand the simultaneous action of axial and radial forces.

The structural solution, which allows also a space saving, does not need any lubrication and maintenance, and stands out just in the use, like for instance in the case of “V”-shaped conveyor belts in the alimentary industry, where forces act on two axes.

A further essential advantage is the possibility of introducing into the component some further functions integrating the product (special executions), thanks to the CNC stock removal machining.

It is worth reminding the ball bearings, which are generally used in several applications in the technique of industrial transports and are proposed by SMG as new plastic development. The bearing is offered as standard with plastic housing and with rolling ball mounted on smaller support balls. Besides a version fully made of plastic and, as such, without metal components (housing, support and rolling balls), SMG offers also upon demand the stainless steel 1.4401 rolling ball. Smg products are distributed by Groz-Beckert Italia srl.